Somerston is an international group engaged primarily in real estate investment and development.  The Group is privately owned and headquartered in Jersey, Channel Islands.  Its origins date back to shipping interests established in the 1850s by the Group’s founding family.

Though founded several generations ago, Somerston continues to cherish the entrepreneurial drive that led to its creation.  This drive, combined with a lean management structure, a substantial capital base and a long term investment horizon, enable Somerston to take advantage of opportunities that its more constrained listed and private equity peers find difficult to accommodate.

Somerston has been an early entrant into new and innovative asset classes and geographical markets and has built a reputation for being fast acting and professional in the execution and management of its projects.  Somerston has consistently outperformed other real estate groups through discerning investment selection, innovative structuring, efficient and effective development and the maximisation of asset performance.